Elliptical Coffee Table – Part III

Okay, I’m a little late in getting this one out, but my client was out on holidays and wasn’t able to come until tomorrow to view the leg/edge profiles and talk about finishing. So I didn’t want to give away too much too soon :-) After all, suspense is just another spice of life, isn’t it? As always, click on the picture to see more detail.

Over the next couple of days since my last post, I glued up the table top panel, and created the template for the table top.

Ready for flattening

The panel was assembled with loose tenons for strength and alignment but despite that, there was (as is typical) still slight deviations in board elevations in relation to one another and so out came one of my favourite hand planes – The #7 jointer. There’s just something quite magical about putting your muscles to work to create something with hand tools, so I use them whenever I can without slowing a project down. That was the reason for the pencil marks in the preceding picture – To ensure even material removal across the face of the panel.

Flattening the top

Once it was flattened and given a preliminary sanding, I cut out the basic shape on the bandsaw and refined the edge with a router and sand paper. That is as far as I was willing to take the top until the client could see the mock up.

Oops, I guess I forgot to include a picture of that which I had finished prior to flattening the top. See the end of the post below for a couple of pictures. I’ll let them speak for themselves. It’s the intro for the initial design of the leg!

The next post will cover making the legs and preparing the joinery for them to be mated with the top which was a fun exercise to come up with a strong joinery method without using an apron on the table!

Mock table top with sample edge treatments

First look at one of the legs!

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