Elliptical Coffee Table – II

The walnut boards have been sitting in my shop for about 3 weeks now and the moisture content hasn’t really moved, so I’m calling the acclimation process for the lumber complete now. Especially considering that we’ve been in the middle of a heat-wave in the making. Temperatures around 33 C with humidex values into the 40′s  definitely makes the brow sweat a little!
So, yesterday began the birth of the table. A preliminary milling of the lumber which is the process of bringing it close to the desired dimensions and then leaving it overnight to see if any internal stresses developed during the tree’s growth become apparent through warping or twisting. In the picture below, you’ll see the lumber stacked up with spacers to allow air flow and a fan is off to the side blowing air through the pile. Don’t creep up on it and scream “Boo!” It doesn’t work.

Waiting to see if it moves is worse than watching paint dry!

This morning, I checked and to my satisfaction, the lumber has not moved one iota. Later today, I’ll do the final milling and assembly of the top.

In the background, you’ll see some poplar in clamps. This will be for a mock table edge and leg to provide to the client before committing the design to the walnut.


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